About Sacred Heart Catholic School

  • Sacred Heart administration, teachers and students begin each day at a morning assembly with prayer, mission statement, announcements, historical facts of the week, quote of the week and word of the week.

  • Sacred Heart has on average 25 students per class.

  • Sacred Heart Catholic school has a buddy program where kindergarten, first, and second grade classes are connected to an upper-grade buddy class in sixth, seventh and eighth.

  • Classes are taught by certified teachers.

  • School day is from 7:45am to 3:05pm. Dismissal is at 3:05pm.

  • All students have at least one recess to get physical activity, and develop healthy relationships.

  • All classes kindergarten through eighth grade lead an all school Mass at least twice per year.

  • Each month two students are given the Christ-like character award, who were nominated by either their teacher or classmates. 

  • Student activities include: student government, athletics, choir, and many more!

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