Letter from Ms. Boyle

Dear Sacred Heart Community,

Throughout this season of Advent, we as a community have been preparing our hearts for the birth of Christ. As we have transitioned into the Christmas season, we are now working to align our hearts, minds and actions withJesus as the center of our lives. The season of Christmas is a time to seek ways to make more time for Jesus, to ensure that he is living at the center of our lives in every way. Our Sacred Heart family truly places Jesus as the center in many ways, and this Advent and Christmas season has prompted me to seek ways to place Jesus as the center in my own life.

I write thisletterwith a heavy heart. Effective June 30, 2015, I will no longer be the principal of Sacred Heart Catholic School. I will be relocating outside of the St. Petersburg area to be closer to family. It is with a heavy heart to write this news because Sacred Heart is a family, and has been a true family to me. As I prayerfully reflect with how I can grow closer to Christ, I have to come to realize that at this point in my life, I need to live closer to my own family and have more time for my family.

It is with a very grateful heart that I feel so abundantly blessed by the tremendous support from this community. I especially want to thank all the faculty and staff of this school, who persist each day to give 100% to your child. I am thankful for Father Anthony who has created a peaceful and loving community at Sacred Heart. He lives out the belief each day thatJesus is the center. In addition, I want to thank the school’s leadership team, Superintendent Chris Pastura, Notre Dame ACE Academies Director Aaron Brenner, and Regional Director of School Culture Christina Badman whom have been incredibly supportive to me as a school leader. I know they will excel at finding the next Sacred Heart principal to continue to provide a high quality education to as many students as possible.

I will continue to serve Sacred Heart with love and confidence throughout the remainder of this academic year. All enrollments, financial scholarships and staffing will be secure for a successful start to 2017-2018. This advance notice is to provide ample amount of time for the NDAA Board to secure strong candidates for this position, to ensure Sacred Heart’s continued success.

 I do ask that you personally share this with your child this weekend. Please share how much I love and believe in them, and that Sacred Heart will remain a strong family as it has always been. We will all continue to place Jesus at the center of our lives.

As soon as I have more information on Sacred Heart’s transition, I will pass it along to you.

In Christ’s Love,

Heather Boyle

Saints Update

Standards Based Grading 
Approaches to Learning and Conduct Grades
How are Approaches to Learning and Citizenship Grades Reported?
                                    Grades 3rd though 8th
                        Seek * Persist * Excel * Love * Serve
This past week, our parent meeting was cancelled due to Tropical Storm Hermine. At this parent meeting, parents would have gained a better understanding of the second phase of Sacred Heart's Standards Based Grading from myself and Christina Badman. Christina and I will move our presentation to parent conference day in October, but this letter will help build background knowledge to the new process this academic year.
Last year, many of you attended the Standards Based Grading presentation phase 1 that I offered at the parent meetings, to define what Standards Based Grading is: Standards Based Grading Video 1 (the following video was shared at the meeting and in an email that described our transition to standards based grading in 2015). Our Diocese is intentionally moving towards providing a more accurate way of reporting student grades by placing an emphasis on what your scholar knows and is able to do. 
For the past two years, your child's report card, for grades 3rd to 8th grade, has reported an Approaches to Learning grade and aCitizenship grade. This year our purpose remains the same, to separate student behaviors from student knowledge, but theapproach from our Sacred Heart administration and teachers has become more intentional. 
Teachers and I collaborated over the summer to create a system that provides frequent and formative feedback to support parents and students understanding of this grading transition. This year, teachers in grades 3rd though 8th, will be sending home two formative grades on two separate cards: approaches to learning card and citizenship card. (3rd to 5th has already gone home, 6th to 8th will go home this week). These two cards must be reviewed with the scholar and signed by the parent. These cards will go home four times each quarter, and the four grades will be averaged for a final approaches to learning gradeand citizenship grade on the report card.
Sacred Heart's core values of seek, persist, excel, love and serve are the values we aspire our scholars to act on, and they are the anchor for the descriptors within the two rubrics. The rubrics for approaches to learning and citizenship are described directly on the card and in our school handbook. Forapproaches to learning, the categories are responsibility, organization, communication & collaboration, and personal initiative & self-reflection. For citizenship, the expectations are in the realm of responsibility and respect for school rules, teachers, peers and our environment of learning. Both grades have the same scale: 
  • 4 = exceeding expectations 
  • 3 = meeting expectations
  • 2 = progressing towards expectation
  • 1 = needs improvement
An important feature of this scale is that we want all students to receive a 3. A grade of a 3 means that they are meeting the expectation and doing well. The 4 is in place because we believe it is essential to recognize the areas a scholar goes above and beyond! The 4 is an example of our motto, Ancora Imparo, which means we are always learning. These two rubrics help achieve our grading goal that an academic grade on the report card is a representation of the academic skills and academic knowledge of your scholar for specific content areas.
Please watch this second video on Standards Based Grading to continue to develop a clearer understanding of our approaches to learning and conduct gradesStandards Based Grading Video 2. Christina Badman, Notre Dame ACE Academies Regional Director of School Culture, and I will be presenting this information on parent conference night in October, and we will be available for clarifying questions.
Academic grades are only calculated by formative and summative assignments. In general, formative assignments may be classwork or quizzes, and summative assignments will be tests and projects. A formative grade counts less towards the overall grade because it reflects a scholar's progress towards mastery of a standard. A summative grade counts more because it is expected that a child has met the mastery of a standard. Please note, as you sign into the parent portal (rediker) to view your child's grades, a teacher may have placed homework grades and citizenship grades within the grade-book. However, homework and citizenship grades are not counted in the final academic grade; these grades are reported in theapproaches to learning and citizenship portion of the report card. The idea of reporting these grades in the grade-book, is strictly for you and the teacher to view their overall progress of the scholar.
These intentional communication changes with a formative report that goes home every two weeks is our method of helping parents and students understand the overall reporting of responsibility and behavior in a standards based report card. We are all thrilled at Sacred Heart for the intentional progress we are making at transitioning to a new report card that is accurate of a scholar's learning, and a true reflection of how our community can support each child towards our goals of College and Heaven.


Coach Cleppe sees the goodness of the Lord in his athletes when they...


  • Seek new opportunities for the future
  • Persist to improve at practice
  • Excel in all sports
  • Love teammates
  • Serve the school as ambassadors
God is good in many ways at Sacred Heart!

A Welcome from Our Principal

Thank you for your interest in Sacred Heart! Sacred Heart is a Catholic School that glows with the Holy Spirit. It is evident from the moment that you walk through the front doors that Jesus is the reason for the school; the staff are always willing to assist families, teachers desire the partnership with parents to guide students towards our goals and students are respectful to each other and willing to learn how not to be peers, but brothers and sisters. The students strive hard to reach our goals of College and Heaven, and make Jesus present each day in our academic environment.

If you are interested in applying to Sacred Heart Catholic School, I encourage you to take the following steps:

    1. Set up an appointment for a tour with our Admissions Coordinator, Ms. Concha Prado, you can reach her at (574)631-0726 or email her at

    2.  Visit our Open House:January 25th, 2015 from 11:00am-1:30pm

    3. Complete registration application and begin scholarship process, if your family qualifies.

    4. Interview with the principal and student receives an academic assessment

    5. Receive notification of acceptance!

Sacred Heart looks forward to partnering with you in the academic and spiritual pursuits of guiding your child toward our goals of College and Heaven.


Ms. Heather Boyle

Principal of Sacred Heart Catholic School

God's Honor Roll

Ancaro Imparo is not only a banner that fills our upstairs school hallway, but it is a belief that fills the school classrooms, teachers and students with the spirit of desire to continuously keep learning. Ancaro Imparo means, “I am always learning,” and it is a core belief of Sacred Heart and our fellow ACE Academies in Tampa and Tucson. All Sacred Heart Saints can live out this core belief by seeking Christ’s face in their daily work, persisting to grow in knowledge, supporting the school/class community to excel, nurturing the love of God with peers, and striving to use individual gifts to serve others. These core beliefs always put us on God’s Honor Roll...

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