Dress for Success!

Students in grades K-8th are required to wear the school uniform. On non-PE days our students wear their gray shorts, pants or skirts and their white or burgundy Sacred Heart polo shirt. On PE days, students are to wear the Sacred Heart PE uniform. Socks must be above the ankle and either white or black. For more details on the dress code please refer to the Handbook

How to Order:
Lands' End Uniforms can be ordered in the following ways:


  • Please note that with the recent closing of Sear's Dept. Stores, this will no longer be an option for our school uniform ordering.
  • Orders can also be done online through the Lands' End website  The school code is 900167636.
  • You're welcome to stop by our uniform closet and try on and/or purchase new and used uniforms.  There is a very limited supply of new uniforms.
  • New this year:  Girls in Grades K-3 will have an option to purchase a plaid school jumper ( pictured below).


shorts Sacred Heart Shirt SHCS Skirt plaidskirtSchool Uniform Girls Uniform Plaid Jumper