We work with every family to make Catholic education possible for all, through the Florida tax-credit scholarships and other forms of assistance.

Sacred Heart Catholic School proudly accepts the following scholarships:

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Step Up for Students

Step Up for students is not currently accepting applications for the school year.

Your child may qualify for the Step Up for Students Scholarship if:

  • Students entering Kindergarten must be 5 on or before Sept. 1.
  • Students entering first grade must be 6 on or before Sept.1.
  • If a member of the household receives SNAP (food stamps), TANF, or FDPIR, the student may qualify.
  • Household income must be at/or below the income criteria found in the chart below:


Eligibility Chart

Eligibility: If the household income is at or below the following criteria, the student may be eligible for a scholarship:

Number of people in householdTotal gross monthly household income for a 100% scholarshipMonthly maximum income for an 88% scholarshipMonthly maximum income for a 74% scholarshipMonthly maximum income for a 60% scholarshipMonthly maximum income for a 50% scholarship
1 $2,024 $2,176 $2,327 $2,479 $2,631
2 $2,744 $2,950 $3,155 $3,361 $3,567
3 $3,464 $3,724 $3,983 $4,243 $4,503
4 $4,184 $4,498 $4,811 $5,125 $5,439
5 $4,904 $5,272 $5,639 $6,007 $6,375

Priority Chart

Priority: If the household income is more than the income criteria on the chart below titled ‘Priority’, the student, while eligible, will be placed on a waiting list until all renewal families and new families whose income is below the amounts on the ‘Priority’ chart have received funding.

Number of people in householdAwarded first (185% of Federal Poverty Level or below)
1 $1,860
2 $2,504
3 $3,149
4 $3,793
5 $4,437




AAA Scholarships

AAA is no longer accepting scholarships from Florida's newest tax-credit scholarship organization- AAA Scholarship Foundation for the school year..


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